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VIDEO SHOOTING di Yogyakarta

Video Shooting murah di yogyakarta.

Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Tips agar bisa bangun pagi

Tips to wake up - Wake up in the morning has many benefits for the body and our life. Reveille diligently to make all our work is not hampered again. In addition to waking up in the morning may help the body can feel and benefit from the fresh morning air is still clean. But a very compact bustle currently make people sleep late and difficulty waking up. Sometimes people can just wake up every once in a while only.Well for those of you who want to always be able to get up in the morning should read some of the following tips.
Tips Reveille
1. Bed earlier
to bed earlier to make us have more time to rest. We recommend that you go to bed before 10 pm late so you can at least get up at 5 tomorrow morning.

2. Wake up at the same hour
When lack of sleep the body will feel tired and less passionate, as are excessive sleep can make the body feel tired. You should always consistent sleep-setap day. Set the sleep time you use an alarm clock to sleep.

3. Use alarm
Alaram stele in order to wake you up right at your desired time. But when the alarm was sounded then again you do not sleep. We recommend you off and wake up immediately. Look for a true alarm - can actually help you to wake up.

4. Avoid caffeine
Avoid drinks that contain caffeine at night, because this will distract you and make you into sleep late night.

5. Athletics routine
outs do every day, you can do it in the morning or late afternoon. Exercise can make your body feel refreshed and keep you fast asleep at night.

6. Eat healthy
Avoid foods that are harmful for the body. At night it is best to avoid high-fat foods.

7. Turning off the device gadget
Seconds before going to sleep at night should you turn off your gadgets around the device. this meant that you do not wake up at night and disturb your sleep kuaitas.
Selamt good luck trying to make you always wake up in the morning. see also How to get rid of armpit odor and shrink way Stomach
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